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Superannuation & Retirement Planning

Dreaming of sailing off into the sunset? We can help!

Approaching retirement is one of the most important times in your life to ensure you have a well-charted course in place.

  • Are you happy with your current superannuation fund?
  • Is your superannuation going to be sufficient to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle in retirement?
  • Are you contemplating retirement or reducing your hours at work and don’t know what the next step is?
  • Are you self-employed? Are you aware of the potential tax deductions available by contributing into superannuation?

Whether you’re close to retirement or just want to review your current arrangements we can make sure you’re heading in the right direction.


Life is not always smooth sailing. Are you adequately protected to weather the storm?

  • Are all your important assets adequately insured – house, car, boat, caravan?
  • What about yourself? Could you pay the bills if you could not work? Would your family be financially secure if you were no longer here or became disabled?
  • Do you own your own business? What would happen if you became sick or injured and were no longer able to operate the business?

Our knowledgeable advisers can help you evaluate your current insurances and make any necessary changes


Had the wind taken out of your sails? Our experienced crew can help you change tack to get back on course.

  • If you have been offered a redundancy or have recently been made redundant, we understand the financial uncertainty can be very distressing.
  • Our approachable advisers can help you to carefully evaluate your situation, use your redundancy payout in the most tax effective way and plan your next financial steps.


Build and protect your treasure chest!

Let us help you make your money work harder, so you don’t have to.

  • Do you have a current investment portfolio or want to create one?
  • What types of investments are suitable for you?
  • Are your current investments structured correctly?
  • Do you want to create wealth to fund a particular future need, a holiday, new car or a home renovation?


Is anything missing from your sailing kit? Let us check that you’re fully equipped for your financial voyage.

  • What Centrelink benefits are you eligible for?
  • Are you currently receiving a Centrelink payment and getting the maximum benefit you are entitled to?

Strategy & Portfolio Management

We can help you chart the best course and stay on track to reach your desired financial destination. 

  • Do you have goals and objectives you want to achieve?
  • Are you on track to achieve them?
  • Are you sure that your investments or superannuation are invested appropriately for your situation?

Solas Financial advisers have the skills and expertise to assist you with answering any of the above questions.

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General Advice Disclaimer

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